Temporary Direct Message from Howard

I'm excited to announce that my book will be released on 20th July on Amazon.

Stay connected with me on X, TikTok, and Facebook for the latest updates on my books, my life, and book sales.

This message will disappear in 40 days. While you're here, please consider giving to Locked-In Trust. Individually we're nothing, but collectively we're almighty. 


Locked in Trust is the charity Howard made in September 2020. We help people in
a locked in state with financial things like holidays, large pieces of
equipment, housing adaptions and other things like this. The condition that
Howard has is called locked in syndrome but his body is in a locked in state, locked
in state is someone in a situation where they cannot move or talk. Howard was
16 when a massive stroke caused him to be living with Locked-in Syndrome
himself. Currently, there are 50 - 300 people in the U.K. with this condition.
This number may seem small, but each one of those is a husband, wife, brother,
sister and part of a family unit. Please give generously to this worthy cause.
The difference you could make will be immeasurable.

What we do...

·     We would help enable greater access to life experiences for example funding accessible holidays such as cruises and holiday parks around the world.


    ·      Working towards our goal of enabling people with locked in syndrome to have equal opportunities in life to those without the condition